Do you want to publish an ad on our portal? Nothing simpler, just follow the steps below!

STEP 1 :

Select the button to add an ad and choose the Product from which your ads will be part.

There is a Product you can choose.

The product includes 10 ads and costs 10.00. All 10 ads will be promoted (appear among the first) for 30 days after which they will automatically be deactivated.


Sign In or Sign Up.

If you have not already done so, you can do it in the ad ad process. You can make a new account or login with your Facebook account.


Compose the Ad.

You need a title, a few photos, your location and address, and if you have a phone number it’s already perfect.


If you opt for one of the promotion packages, you will arrive where you will be asked to pay. Payment is made only with the card you have in your pocket.

We are working on introducing the possibility to pay using other ways.