1. How can I edit an ad?

When you sign in to your account on reductions.click you can manage your own ads. Next to the button used to add an ad is the My Account button and you can access it to see the list of the posted ad.

2. How can I remove an ad?

Next to each post you will see that it is possible to “delete” it.

3. Why does an ad appear as a duplicate and is not active on the site?

More ads posted by a user with the same text or content are considered duplicate ads. Thus, the announcement is considered as the appearance on the portal is the most recently posted ad.

4. Why can not I post an ad and state that it does not comply with the Terms of Use?

When you want to publish an ad on reductions.click it is essential that the Terms of Service are respected. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Ad Guidelines, which you can find by clicking on the button in the footer of the page.

5. If I posted an ad on discounts, click on where does my ad appear?

Ads that are posted on discounts.click appear on the discounts.click site. They also appear on other partner sites.